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The PTA has been transformed into the Bassingbourn Village College Parents and Friends Association (PFA).

This change is more than just a name and a new logo.  It’s rooted in why we were formed and what we hope to achieve.

Our goal is to engage the support of parents, guardians and the local community – whether individuals, businesses or local organisations.  Former parents, guardians and alumni are also welcome to join us.

By working in partnership with these groups we hope to raise funds, improve community cohesion and, of course, help the school and our children.

What Are We Going To Do Next?

We are a registered charity and remain an important fundraiser for the school, providing money for facilities our children would otherwise not have.

Staff apply to the PFA outlining their request for funding, and we review every request collectively before approving the release of any money.

Our immediate tasks will be around creating additional fundraising opportunities and reviewing how these funds are then spent. We plan to do so in ways Parents and Friends of the school broadly agree with.

This is why we carried out a survey and asked parents and guardians for feedback (a copy of the full results can be found on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/BVCPFA).  As a result of the survey a number of initiatives will be investigated, including the ability to make direct donations through a Just Giving page, so people who want to make an annual donation can do so.

Those responding to the survey asked for more family-centred fund-raising events and so we are launching an annual Back to School Bash with BBQ in September.

Existing fundraising avenues such as the 500 Club can be investigated below. Links to Boilerjuice and Easyfundraising.co.uk can be found on the panel on the right.

Why Is The PFA Important To BVC?

More than 80 research studies conducted over the past 30 years prove that children do better when parents and guardians are involved in their school. Grades are higher. Test scores improve. Attendance increases.

Involved parents and guardians understand the challenges schools face and become part of the solution, whilst the school develops a positive reputation in the community.

An involved local community brings together local businesses, school alumni, and people from the villages in the catchment area. This diversity is a positive influence on planning events and gives a broader access to skills and opportunities that benefit school pupils.

How Can You Get Involved?

We need help organising and creating events.  We need people with ideas and we need  people who can put these ideas into action.

Do you have local contacts that could help? Do you have a band who’d like to play at an event? Do you have a bouncy castle or outdoor games that could be used to help raise money?  Are you great at baking or good at making things?  Can you donate raffle prizes?  Does your company run match funding?  There are so many ways people can help, we’d love to speak to you and get you involved.

We also need people to help run events, man coffee stalls and sell tickets. We need volunteers to join our meetings to help review our progress and allocate funds against requests.  To help us communicate effectively with interested people and to generate partnerships that support the school.

If you would like to join us, please give us your name and contact details and let us know how you’d like to help.  You can contact us through our Facebook page www.facebook.com/BVCPFA;  email pfa@bassingbournvc.net  or call the school 01763 242344

We’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you from BVC Parents and Friends Association.



01763 242344

Join The PTA 500 CLUB

Cash prizes every month!

Forget the National Lottery where your chances of winning are 14 million to one – now you can join the PTA 500 Club!

It’s a very easy way to help the school.

Simply ‘buy’ numbers from 1-500 and if your lucky number is drawn in the monthly prize draw you win!

Apart from the fun and anticipation of taking part in our monthly lottery, you will be helping to raise vital funds for our school.

The more people like you who join, the more money we will raise and the bigger the prizes!

So join up today!

Also please invite family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and anyone else you can think of to take part – or why not buy them a number as an unusual present!

It is really easy to join

Just complete the form below hand in to the College’s reception. Payment should either be by cheque or standing order. If you are not paying by standing order please enclose £12 cheque or cash.

Prize draws take place every month, so join now for your chance to win.  Download the form HERE

Good luck!

If you have any questions about 500 Club, please email pfa@bassingbournvc.net. 


  • Subscriptions shall be paid in multiples of £1.00 per month for each number held.
  • Subscription may be paid monthly by bankers order or annually by one of £12.00 per number held by cash or cheque.
  • The Monthly draw will take place at the school in the fourth week of each month.
  • A list of winning numbers will be posted on the noticeboard inside the main entrance of Bassingbourn Village College and published in the College’s weekly newsletter – the Heron. Winners will also be notified personally by the PTA.
  • If you DO NOT wish to have your name published as a winner please indicate on the form.
  • When the subscription list is completed the PTA will notify you of the following:-
  • The number of participants in the 500 Club.
  • The value of the monthly prizes.
  • Your lucky number(s)
  • The 500 Club is run in accordance with the Lotteries Act.
  • If paying by Bankers Order please complete the form provided and send it to your bank. Alternatively, you can set up a standing order online using the details on the form.


Registered under the Small Society Lotteries SL0121 BVC PTA registered charity no. 116287

Thank you to everyone who supported our Quiz Night on Saturday – a great night was had by all! Thanks to Quizmaster (or should that be Quizmistress?) Vince for providing the entertainment and members of the PFA for supper.

We raised over £1000 for PFA funds which will go directly to supporting teaching and learning at BVC.


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