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Review of Results Procedure

Review of results (RORs) may be requested by centre staff or candidates if there are reasonable grounds for believing there has been an error in marking.

If a concern is raised about a particular examination result, the SLG, HOD and the exams officer, will investigate the feasibility of requesting an enquiry supported by the centre.

Where the centre agrees with the feasibility but does not support the review or does not uphold a request from a candidate, the candidate will be required to pay the appropriate ROR fee to the centre, and a request will be made to the awarding body on the candidate’s behalf. Awarding bodies do not charge for successful reviews and in these cases the fee would be refunded.

If the candidate (or his/her parent/carer) believes there are grounds to appeal against the centre’s decision not to support an enquiry, an internal appeal can be submitted to the centre by completing the internal appeals form at least 10 working days prior to the internal deadline for submitting an ROR.

The appellant will be informed of the outcome of his/her appeal before the internal deadline for submitting an ROR.   Download:  RORS procedure and appeals (Internal Appeals Form)

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