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Information for Exam Candidates

Teacher Assessed Grading 2021

The information on this page is relevant for all students in Year 11 plus Year 9 and 10 Health and Fitness students.

The government has said that many exams and assessments cannot be held fairly this year as a result of the disruption students have faced due to the pandemic. Teachers will instead submit grades to the exam boards, based on their assessment of what students have shown they know and can do.

There are several pieces of information that students need to be aware of to ensure they are fully informed of the process that will happen over the coming weeks and months.


The centre policy

The centre policy describes how Bassingbourn Village College will apply the guidance issued by JCQ and the exam boards. All exam boards are covered by the same policy, which can be read HERE.


Evidence being used

Subjects will use a combination of historic evidence and information gathered from the latest assessment window (April-May 2021). The evidence selected has been chosen to ensure that a full complement of the assessment objectives which have been taught are covered. Whilst the evidence selected by staff is non-negotiable, if students have concerns about the evidence being used they should speak to their teachers by 7th June to allow for these concerns to be dealt with before the grades are submitted.

The historic evidence being used can be found HERE 

The April-May assessment timetable can be found HERE 

Students need to be available until 18th June in case additional evidence is needed.


Special consideration

We are conscious that students may have special considerations that need to be made for them as they apply to the historical pieces of work or the new assessments currently being completed. JCQ governs these special considerations and there are strict criteria for evidencing them and the circumstances under which they are allowed; they must have ‘seriously impacted’ upon a student’s ability to complete particular pieces or sequences of work. By clicking here you can complete the BVCSC21 special considerations form to make us aware of any of these circumstances, please note that we can only apply these special considerations where evidence is available, we have the information before grades have been submitted, and where they meet the criteria set out by JCQ.


JCQ and Ofqual guidance

JCQ and Ofqual have produced a range of guidance for parents and students. These can be read here:

Ofqual guidance

JCQ guidance


Results day

Results day for Year 11 is Thursday 12th August. More details about how students can collect their results will be issued closer to the time.



Although everyone will be working hard to make sure students are issued with the correct grades on results day, there will also be an appeals system as a safety net to fix any genuine errors that were not identified earlier on. If a student believes an error has been made in determining their grade, they will have a right to appeal.

There are two stages to the appeals process:

Stage 1: centre review

Stage 2: appeal to the exam board

At both stages of the process the student will need to submit their appeal to the school and give them their written consent to conduct the appeal or submit it to the exam board on their behalf. It’s important to remember that their grade can go down, up or stay the same through either stage of the process.

More details of the appeals process will appear here once final guidance has been received from JCQ.


General information for all candidates 

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