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Dear Parent/Guardian

Election of TWO Parent Governors


Below are the details of the procedures which govern the method of voting for a Parent Governor.

Number of vacancies for Parent Governors on the Governing Body – TWO

List of candidates (in alphabetical order):

Mr T Bryant

Miss K Cramb

Professor S Morris

Mrs L Sims

No parent shall be able to cast more than two votes

A vote shall be cast by placing a cross next to the candidate’s name.  No other marks should be made on the paper.  One ballot paper is enclosed.  If you would like another, please contact reception, or visit our website: http://www.bassingbournvc.net/parents/governance/  A copy of this letter and ballot paper will also be sent via Parentmail.

Completed ballot papers should be placed in a sealed envelope signed by the voter over the seal.  As the Head of School is required to keep a record of the returned ballot papers, parents who return these by post (and those whose signature is not easily readable) are asked to print their names clearly on the envelope.

To ensure a secret ballot, it is a requirement that parents seal their ballot papers in an inner unmarked envelope, which should then be placed in an outer envelope signed on the back by the voter.

Ballot papers should be returned to the Clerk of the Governing Body before 3.30pm on 11th December 2018.  Ballot papers received after date, for whatever reason, will not be counted.  The Head of School will supervise the count which will take place at 12.00 noon on 12th December and has appointed Mrs S Smith, Clerk to the Governing Body to assist.

Ballot papers may be returned via a student, by post or by the voter in person.  A ballot box will be placed in Reception, at the front of the College.

The Head of School, as supervisor of the count, shall decide upon the admissibility of any questionable ballot paper.

The candidate with the highest number of votes shall be declared to be elected, i.e. the decision will be by a simple majority of votes cast.

In the event of an equality of votes, the Head of School shall hold a recount.  The candidates shall be invited to attend in the event of a tie.  If the equality is maintained, the Head of School shall decide by lot.

The results of the election will be notified on 12th December via the website and Parentmail.

All papers concerning the election shall be kept in a safe place for a period of six calendar months after the election.

The elected parents shall take up office immediately after the election.

Letter to parents including ballot paper

Ballot Paper only with candidate statements



Advertise vacancy – send out details and nomination papers


Wednesday 14th November 2018
Nominations received – including candidate’s statement


Wednesday 28th November 2018
If necessary, send out voting papers – secret ballot


 Monday 3rd December 2018
Closing date for voting 3.30pm


 Tuesday 11th December 2018


Counting – candidates are invited to attend 12 noon


 Wednesday 12th December 2018


Bassingbourn Village College is a member of the Anglian Learning multi academy trust, working with like-minded schools, leaders and teachers, to make a difference to the lives of our young people.

Bassingbourn Village College is fortunate to be served by a forward looking and proactive governing body whose key roles can be summarised as follows:

  • To provide a strategic view of where the school is heading. This is achieved by reviewing policies and deciding the priorities for improvement to be included in the school improvement plan.
  • To act as a critical friend to the school. A critical friend offers support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed. But a critical friend may also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and seek to arrive at the best solution for all concerned.
  • To hold the school to account for the educational standards it achieves and the quality of education it provides. Setting targets for the school to achieve in light of national and local targets and then formally evaluating outcomes lie at the heart of this aspect of the governing body’s role.
    • The responsibilities have to exercise in partnership with the Principal and staff.
    • Governors should not intervene in the day-to-day running of the school.
    • When there are weaknesses in the school they have a duty to take action.

BVC Governors have introduced a series of measures intended to enhance communications between the Governing Body and members of Bassingbourn Village College and community. These measures include:

  • Publication of Full Governing Body Meeting Agendas one week prior to meetings.
  • Publication of agreed Minutes of those meetings.
  • Summaries of Committee meetings published in the Heron.
  • An invitation to parents/carers to email Governors with questions or concerns they may have in relation to the work of Governing Body. Please email governor@bassingbournvc.net to contact our Governing Body.
  • A Governor presence at College Parent Consultation Evenings and Parents in Partnership Evenings, enabling you to meet with us should you wish to do so.
  • We would like to encourage feedback from parents and carers. We greatly value your contribution, and are keen to work with you in support of a caring and thriving college community.

Current membership of the governing body is as follows: To contact our Governing Body by email, please use the email address: governor@bassingbournvc.net For details of agenda items for discussion at the upcoming Full Governing Body meetings, please see the tab opposite.

Staff Governors (inc. Headteacher)
Mr D Cooper (Principal)
Miss R Ward
Mr P Bolton


Parent Governors
Professor S Morris (Chair) (term of office expires 08.12.18)
Mr J Lievesley


Trust Appointed Governors
Mr C Roope
Mr D Chetty
Mrs A Butterworth
Mr W Clayton
Mr C Cornwell
Dr M Urquhart


Clerk to the Governing Body
Mrs S Smith


To view the Governing Body composition and attendance at meetings either view the page: Governing Body composition and information, or download in PDF format :

Bassingbourn Village College

South End, Bassingbourn, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5NJ

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